Name us one thing that’s simultaneously as exciting and as stressful as Secret Santa – we’ll wait. There’s no denying the fun of unwrapping a cheeky surprise from a friend or colleague and trying to work out who got who what – but being Secret Santa can be a stressful business. You have no choice in who you’re buying for, and sticking to the budget can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top picks for Secret Santa, to make your life easier.

collage of secret santa gift ideas under £10

For the pamper queen

You’ve managed to draw the princess of your group… and the pressure is ON. You want to get them something they’ll love but you don’t know where to begin. Make pamper products your go-to and you won’t go wrong. The B. Glowing Clay Face Mask is a wonderful winter skin pick-me-up, which any beauty lover would adore. Or you could go for a bath treat like Superdrug Fruity Strawberry & Raspberry Bath Confetti or a Sanctuary Spa Must Have Minis Gift Set.

B. Skincare B. Glowing Clay Face Mask 50ml £3.47 Buy Now

For the snuggle lover

Everyone knows that one person in the team who is always cold – ours is called Lauren. They can usually be found sitting at their desk wearing a woolly scarf (and gloves if it’s a bad day), holding onto a hot drink and saying, ‘Is it cold or is it just me?’ If you’ve got the snuggle lover for Secret Santa, we’ve got the perfect pressie options for you. Cuter-than-cute fuzzy reindeer socks are just about as festive as you can get, and the Superdrug Sweet Snuggles Penguin Hand Warmer will probs be the best (and most useful) gift they’ll receive all Christmas.

For the person you hardly know

The Secret Santa nightmare has gotta be the newcomer to the team. Our advice is to get a quirky gift that’s going to make them smile. The Superdrug Secret Santa Speech Bubble Whiteboard Light is great for spicing up Insta pics or filling in with positive quotes. Don’t think that’ll do the trick? Get them a game they can play with their family over the holidays. Our fave is Play That Tune – completely random, yet lots of fun – perfect for Christmas Day!

Paladone Play That Tune Game £5.00 Buy Now

For the fellas

Male grooming has surged massively over the last few years, so gifting options have become waaaaay better. For guys who are into their skincare, it’s gotta be the Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Cracker. It’s a quality product that’s light enough for all skin types and comes packaged in a cute little cracker – what’s not to like? And people may turn their noses up at socks, but they’re a safe choice and you can never have too many. The Bristle & Smith Sock Duo is a great gifting option for any guy.