Off to watch the fireworks on Bonfire Night? Or maybe you’re hosting your own display in your back garden? Either way, staying warm in the November weather is crucial if you want to enjoy the night.

Here are the winter saviours you’ll need to beat the freeze…

Cashmere socks

Wrap up warm from head to toe, and invest in a pair of cashmere socks to wear with your boots or wellies.

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Hand warmers

Shoving your hands in your coat pockets to keep them warm won’t necessarily do the job. Pop some hand warmers in your pockets for instant heat throughout the evening.

Vacuum flask

Have a flask full of hot tea at the ready to warm you up when you get the shivers!

Padded coat

Choose a jacket that’s filled with feathers for lightweight warmth that will keep you comfortable all night long.

Faux fur

A faux-fur scarf or pair of earmuffs will not only add extra style points to your Bonfire Night ensemble, but they’ll keep you super-warm, too!

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