We’re no strangers to food-related Instagram beauty trends – remember pizza eyeliner, edible chocolate nails (yes, really) and watermelon eyeshadow? Although they’re not our first port of call when wanting inspo for glamming ourselves up for a night out, they’re definitely mesmerising to look at. Enter… starburst hair. And, nope, we’re not joking this time, either.

Instafamous hairstylist Kayla Boyer created this look on one of her clients and posted a snap on her feed, which instantly sent us double-tappers wild. The look, which layers neon-orange, pink and yellow hair dye, instantly reminds us of our fave pack of fruit chews.

Wondering how it was created? Kayla tell us, ‘For this creation, I lightened the hair with a lightening product and overlaid it with neon pink at the base. Then I melted neon orange and yellow through the ends.’

Unlike some hair trends we’ve been buzzing about such as hair chains and corset braids, we’re not sure we’ll be trying this one. But if you fancy a brighter ’do, we know exactly where you can shop some more vibrant hair hues...

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