Beauty blogger fans of Instagram, listen up! There’s a new brow trend that’s taking over, and although it might not be that wearable, it’s still pretty fascinating to look at. Enter… Squiggle brows.

Forget carved brows and power brows, it’s now all about embracing our curves – and not in the usual sense. Apparently, the coolest way to have your eyebrows RN is in the shape of squiggly lines.

Instafamous beauty blogger Promise Tamang, with an incredible 1 million followers on Instagram, debuted the look on her feed just last week. She says that she began creating the look with PVA glue (to flatten brow hairs down in one direction), followed by concealer, setting and press powders to totally conceal the natural shape of her brow.

Then, using a black gel liner mixed with brow powder, she drew the squiggly lines on top. We reckon this could be a good one for Halloween! Will you be trying it?