It’s almost that time of year again! Sun, sea and sangria are ALMOST on the horizon as we kiss goodbye to the snow and say hello to longer, hotter(ish) days. Yay! But with all that promise of sunshine comes the need for a skincare routine that will keep you well protected and looking summertime sassy. Get prepared to switch it up!

Prime time

Come rain or shine, SPF should be as involved in your skincare regime as a basic moisturiser. But as we prepare for increased exposure to sunlight, the need to protect our skin against harmful rays becomes more crucial. Adding a primer to your morning makeup ritual will not only give you a flawless base, but also protect your skin from damaging UV rays and environmental aggressors such as pollution – an absolute must if you live in the city!

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Keep it cool

Heavy makeup and heat is a recipe for disaster – you so don’t want to discover your Insta-worthy makeup has succumbed to the sunshine and left your face looking more patchy than perfect! While it’s best to avoid clogging altogether by switching foundation for a light BB cream, you can keep yourself refreshed with B. Confident Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Spritz. This clever little product is designed to replenish your skin and lock in moisture for up to 12 hours. Better still, it can be used throughout the day to hydrate tired skin and refresh makeup. What a winner!

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Hydrate and heal

We all know that drinking lots of water is the key to gorgeous summer skin, but long days in the sun can leave you feeling dried out and craving some much-needed TLC. Whenever your face begins to feel dull, tired and dehydrated, treat yourself to a face mask for an instant skin boost. Hyaluronic acid works to lock in moisture, while smoothing ingredients, such as Babassu oil, improve the appearance of dry and flaky skin.

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Refresh your routine

Your skincare routine might be crying out for extra hydration, but overloading your pores with heavy creams will leave you feeling clogged and oily. Instead, try dabbing B. Refreshed Essence Lotion over your face just before moisturising. This lightweight product has a consistency slightly thicker than water and the added allantoin will instantly soothe, soften and smooth your skin. Follow with of B. Confident Day Cream which, with its fast-absorbing formula and skin-shield technology, will ensure your face is – well – ready to face the day!

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Anti-ageing eye serum

It might be plying us with feel-good vitamin D and a gorgeous glow, but too much sun exposure will cause premature wrinkles and reduce our skin’s elasticity – eeek!! Combat the not-so-saintly-sun vibes by including a moisture-boosting and skin-de-stressing eye cream to your routine. B. Restored 3D Eye Cream comes packed with high levels of tetrapeptide, which helps to restore elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As an added bonus, live yeast extract works to brighten dull and tired eyes – keeping you looking perky after a boozy day in the beer garden!

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