What does £10 really get you these days? A spenny shop-bought lunch, half a cab fare home after a big night out, a couple of glasses of white (if you’re lucky and don’t live in London)? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’re sick of spending your hard-earned moolah and not having much to show for it. Our solution? Spreading the cash a little bit thinner and shelling out a whole lot smarter. Say hello to our favourite way to spend £10 at Superdrug. Prepare to be surprised…  

The hair heroes

While this shampoo and conditioner set will give you plenty of change from a tenner, it’s not just the purse-friendly price tag we’re crazy about. We really want to shout about the formula and the scent. While the duo is about caring for coloured hair and is enriched with natural extracts to get hair squeaky clean while keeping it looking healthy, there are options for every hair type. Mind. Blown.

Total so far £1.90

The multi-tasking moisturiser

Yup, we all know we should be slathering on SPF every day – it’s one of the best ways to stave off ageing. Our daily go-to? This little lightweight lotion from Solait. Not only does it have high-strength sun protection but it’s moisturising to boot and does double-duty as a makeup primer. All for a few quid. Does it get better than that, really – does it?

Total so far £5.39

The do-all lip balm

This little guy might not look like much, but – trust us – your lips are gonna love it. Not only does it taste like key lime pie (really, it does), but it’s perfect for keeping bushy brows in check, curing cracked cuticles and rehydrating lips when our liquid lipstick has gone a bit patchy. All for a budget-bashing 99p. Sold!

Total so far £6.38

The life-changing lipstick

When you need a new makeup fix but have pennies rather than pounds, you can always rely on big makeup hitter MUR. This lippy is packed with pigments for a pro-finish and can be used on cheeks to add a flush if you’ve got post-work plans but forgotten to pack your makeup bag.

The brow-boosting pencil

Big brows are one trend that just won’t go away, but chances are you want to better the ones you were born with. And that’s why this purse-friendly pencil has made its way onto our faves list. For just a quid, it has a non-scratchy, pigment-packed formula and comes with a nifty brush at one end to give a natural finish.

The no-shampoo hair saviour

When the choice is washing our hair or having a lie in, those extra minutes in bed will win every time. Lazy girls like us will know the sheer magic of dry shampoo – fixing gym hair, extending the life of a blow-dry, mopping up excess when we’ve applied too much serum… need we go on? Well, you don’t need to fork out a fortune to get the good stuff – this dry shampoo leaves hair feeling clean and smelling divine.

Superdrug Superdrug Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo 150ml £1.99 Buy Now


Bet you never thought you’d get all of that for a tenner, did you? See you in store.