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The skinnovators that’ll change your complexion – Superdrug
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The skinnovators that’ll change your complexion

Skincare stuck in pre-school? These buys pass the high-tech test!



If you’re slathering on the same mask every Sunday, you’re missing out on some serious skincare benefits, girl. ‘One mask can’t cure all,’ says skincare expert and makeup artist Georgie Murtagh. ‘The different areas of your face need to be treated differently.’ Take the time to assess your skin. Are your cheeks breaking out? Paint on a purifying mask such as B. Glowing Clay Face Mask with an e.l.f. Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool. Forehead flaky? Max out on moisture with the creamy Superdrug Coconut Face Mask and if your chin’s irritated, try the calming Superdrug Kale Face Mask. Make multi-masking your mantra, giving skin what it needs where it needs it, and you’ll soon notice a difference. 

Maximum moisture


We don’t mean to get all chemistry class on you, but if you want to lock in moisture, you need a serum or two up your sleeve. ‘Serums have smaller molecules, so are great at delivering actives to skin,’ explains dermatologist Debbie Thomas. Layer Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum, over Superdrug Vitamin C Skin Booster, to brighten and hydrate. And the new rule of thumb for moisturiser? Switch things up. ‘We all know when our skin feels more or less dry, so it makes sense to have different levels of hydrator,’ says Debbie. If you wake up feeling you don’t need much moisture, apply super-lightweight Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist. For dry days, go for Optimum Skin Renewal Rich Day Cream 15



The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, so it’s the first place to show up dehydration or lack of sleep. ‘This delicate area needs special care,’ explains Georgie Murtagh. ‘Hydrating polysaccharides help to boost the skin’s ability to retain water, erasing puffiness and fine lines.’ You’ll find them in Optimum PhytoFreeze Swiss Ice Wine Eye Cream. And if you need a quick fix, try e.l.f. Charcoal HydroGel Under Eye Masks. Your desk-mate might give you serious side eye, but who really cares when these smart serum-soaked pads are loaded with seaweed extract to de-puff in minutes.

Words and beauty direction: Natalie Ticehurst. Photos: Lancton, assisted by Andy Lane. Art editor: Hannah Kettle. Hair, makeup and skin: Georgie Murtagh at Carol Hayes Management. Model: Kiera at Leni’s Model Management

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