So you’ve been inspired by Superdrug's HalloQueens and secured your look for the big night. Whether you’re planning on partying through till morning as the Crystal Skull or trading your legs for some sea-fearing scariness and becoming the Enchanted Mermaid, you’re ready for Halloween. But what about your fragrance? You could be owning that Glitter Zip look or burning up the dancefloor as our Bejewelled Dragon, but if you ain’t got a scent to suit your look, the vibe’s gonna fall short. So we’ve selected four fragrances to match the makeup and make you the full package, baby.

collage of DARE Halloween looks

Shine bright like a diamond

Totally badass, yet screams femininity, the Crystal Skull is all about class – and nothing screams boujee like diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. That’s why the only fragrance for this look is… you guessed it… Emporio Armani Diamonds. Get ready to dazzle with this confident and feminine mix of rose and lychee with base notes of comforting patchouli and vanilla – it’s the only scent to match this look’s pizzazz!

Superdrug Skull Halloween look
Armani Emporio Armani Diamonds She 100ml £60.00 Buy Now

Pretty and pink

Love all things pink and glittery? Then you’ll defs be opting for our glam Glitter Zip Halloween look. For fragrance, go with Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Soirée for a scent that’s sassy and sparkly enough to fit your fright-night vibe. With bright citrus top notes and a deep hit of musk at the base, this perfume will be perfectly paired with all that pink glitter.

Burning embers

Fiery and passionate, our Bejewelled Dragon is begging for a sexy scent to turn the heat waaaaaay up. Michael Kors Sexy Ruby is the fragrance for the job, with a sensual mix of rose, jasmine and cashmere woods – the perfect partner for this hotter-than-hot Halloween look.  

Aquatic aura

If you’ve chosen to go as our Enchanted Mermaid, an aquatic scent is the only way to make waves with your look. Spritz with Kate Spade New York Truly Dazzling for an explosion of oceanic goodness. Its bright notes of watery fruit and mineral accent will make you feel like a rock-perched beauty in no time.

Superdrug Mermaid Halloween look
Kate Spade New York kate spade new york truly dazzling EDT 75ml £30.00 Buy Now