What better way to kick off summer than by catching up with Rochelle to find out about her new Max Factor collection…

Hey, Rochelle, can you tell us how you prepare for summer?

I work out once a week and I do that all year round. I’m quite active anyway, and I’m always on the go – and I eat a balanced diet. My main beauty prep for a holiday is to treat my hair with coconut oil – I’m obsessed with it!

Talking of holidays, what’s your in-flight beauty routine?

Everyone laughs at me, but I go to duty free, find the most expensive moisturiser tester and apply it all over my face. I always forget my moisturiser is over 100ml, so I can’t fly with it!

Love that! Do you have any beach-confidence tips?

It depends on what sort of holiday I’m going on, but wearing something comfortable is important. If it’s a chilled one, I don’t care – I have a treatment in my hair and my SPF on. But if it’s more of a girlie pool-party holiday, I’ll wear a matt bright lip against glossy skin.

So can you tell us about the collaboration with Max Factor?

We’ve come together with Caroline Barnes, Max Factor’s make-up artist, to create The Luxe Collection. It’s a series of glamorous looks that are inspired by my lifestyle. There are five in total – my favourite is Poolside Glamour, the one on the cover – all using Max Factor.

Love it! Does Marvin (Rochelle’s husband) ever steal your skincare or make-up?

Oh God, no! Never! He doesn’t even use his own skincare. He’s lucky to have amazing skin, but he’s always drinking water, so that’s probably why. I love it when he gets the occasional spot!

What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

Don’t mess about with your hair too much. I tell my daughter that, but she won’t listen to me! I’ve dyed it different colours, I’ve cut it off, I’ve made it long again with extensions. I should have just looked after it!

What’s your hair routine now?

I like to use a pre-shampoo treatment, but how much I style it depends on what’s going on. I get my hair done so much for work that when I’m off, I just put it up and let it hang out like a pineapple! If I styled it myself, I’d probably just blow-dry it, then use a big curling wand to give it a bit of a wave.

And what about social media – do you ever feel pressurised to always look good?

No, no. I love social media – especially Instagram – but I don’t feel pressure to look good. Obviously everyone wants to look nice, and I’d never put a bad picture out. Sometimes I’ll put one up and when I look back, I won’t like it, so I’ll quickly delete it!

Finally, what’s your ultimate beauty mantra?

Don’t judge yourself too harshly. You have to learn to love yourself – don’t compare yourself to people you follow on social media. That’s why make-up is a lovely thing. You can play around with it and enhance what you’ve already got.

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