When it comes to being a general boss at life, it’s fair to say that Rochelle Humes has pretty much nailed it – with a new baby, a fashion line and a new range of gorgeous glowy essentials in tow. We caught up with the savvy brunette for one of her first interviews since becoming a mum of two…

How do you stay in shape?

I work out once a week, and I can’t commit to any more than that. I do that all year round, but I’m quite active anyway – I’m always on the go with a busy schedule. But I’m not one of those people who’s like ‘I enjoy working out, I feel amazing after it’. I don’t. I dread going! I’m not generally a big moaner, but it’s in the gym where the moaning goes down. I have started Pilates and I love it – I’ve never enjoyed exercise in my life, so I think I can commit to it. With some of the stretches, you really get that burn, when your legs shake… but I really enjoy it.

Do you follow a particular diet plan?

I make sure I eat a balanced diet. Everything in moderation is good. I’ve never been into diets, and it can become an obsession for some people. At the end of the day, it’s food. I really enjoy going out for dinner, and everything I do socially revolves around eating – what is life without the stuff you enjoy? As long as you’re healthy, go for it and eat what you want. The pressure is unnecessary. Obviously every girl wants to feel nice, but you can do that without having to diet. I don’t really believe in following diets. If you eat well and are good during the week, you can let go a bit at the weekend and enjoy yourself while you’re out.

Did you feel the pressure to get back in shape after having your second baby, Valentina?

My advice about shaping up after you’ve had a baby is not to rush. Just take your time, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. My shape has changed since becoming a mum. My tummy and hips are different. I’m not bothered by it, though. It took a bit of time to get used to, but now I accept my figure, and I’m completely confident in what I wear.

What do you do to keep your skin looking glowy?

Skincare basic is key for me – I love products that haven’t got too much in them. Coconut oil is my go-to, and not just for cooking or my hair. It’s an antiseptic, so if you apply it to a spot, it’ll go down. It’s a great moisturiser, too.

Tell us about your new Hi Glow range…

I’m so excited about my new line of products – especially because it’s perfect for all skin types. My favourite is the body glow. It’s so versatile, you can put it anywhere. It can add a sheen to your cleavage and to your legs, to make them look a bit slimmer, and it can highlight your collar bones. The beauty of the range is that it helps achieve and enhance that sunkissed look, so it’s great on holiday when you want to wear minimal makeup.

Do you have any self-tanning tips?

I love the look of glowing skin and tanning products that help to enhance your natural beauty. The key to a great fake tan is your base. Make sure to moisturise and exfoliate a few days before you use a fake tan, and then keep up the moisturising afterwards, to make the tan last as long as possible.

How do you keep your hair looking camera-ready at all times?

I have my hair styled with heat a lot for work, so I like to keep it moisturised so it doesn’t dry out. I swear by moisturising hair treatments – I’ve been doing a lot because the older I’ve got, the more obsessed I’ve become with looking after my hair. After I had Alaia, I lost a little bit of hair at the front – it happens to a lot of women, I think. The heat causes my hair to break, so heat protector, a good shampoo and a good treatment are important, to keep my locks on top form. I tell my little girl not to mess about with her hair too much. I blow-dried it a few months ago for fun, and she loved it, but we adore her curls. I think I’ve tried so many different styles with mine, when I should have just looked after it. 

How do you relax with such a busy schedule?

It’s really important to look after yourself – especially once you’ve had a baby. The perfect pamper session for me is a long soak in a hot bath, an indulgent hair treatment and a moisturising face mask.

So you think it’s important to take time out to slow down?

Absolutely. For a while after having my two babies, I felt a bit weird emotionally. I knew I didn’t have postnatal depression because it wasn’t all day every day, but I felt very low. As a woman, you think you should still be making dinner and looking nice. But you can’t – you just have to accept that the first couple of months at least are going to be a write-off. But after that, you will be all right.


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