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5 ways to revive dull-looking skin – Superdrug
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5 ways to revive dull-looking skin

Tired? Yep, us too.

Our mission for a perfectly dewy, glowing complexion can sometimes feel endless – especially when the weather starts to get colder, and we’re constantly exposing our skin to all sorts of conditions. Dull, tired skin can make us feel, well... a bit dull and tired – shocker! So it’s important to know how to kick the life back into your skin, even when you’re feeling exhausted. We've got the lowdown on how…

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Cleanse with oil

Keeping skin fresh by washing it every day is extremely important. Use a gentle oil-based cleanser, like, B. Pure Micellar Oil 150ml,  to help your skin’s hydration levels and break down all those impurities (even if your skin’s oily – oil dissolves oil, remember!). It’ll melt off even the most stubborn of mascaras, too. Bonus!


Exfoliation is key if you want to maintain a glowing complexion, as it scrubs away any dead cells on your skin's surface which may cause your skin to look dull and drab. Dead skin has a hard time reflecting light, which means a freshly exfoliated base will appear brighter and more radiant. Opt for a cleansing scrub that’ll deeply exfoliate and get rid of any nasties at the same time (like Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub) or use a glycolic exfoliator once a week (try Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix).

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Keep skin hydrated

Keeping your skin’s moisture locked in is vital for an all-year-round glow. On top of drinking lots of water, a moisturiser can help to keep dehydration and dullness at bay. Go for an ultra-hydrating moisturiser or serum in the morning and evening. Something with hyaluronic acid in it is always a good shout.

Brighten up

Sometimes, as much as you exfoliate and moisturize, skin still looks a little lacklustre. Hmph. But rest assured, a brightening mask is almost always certain to sort you out. Go for a treatment with brightening ingredients like vitamin C to boost your skin’s radiance.

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Fake it

When all else fails – fake it! With the unpredictable weather meaning we’re not always guaranteed a natural, healthy glow, we know we can always rely on our trusty fake tans and highlighters. Using a gradual face tan will slowly build up a streak-free faux glow, topped off with a touch of blusher and highlighter to wake your complexion up. Perfect!

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