With a million and one makeup brushes out there to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which tools are the ticket for you – and ages to find the ones that do exactly what you want them to. But whether you’re just getting into makeup or you’re a pro, the Real Techniques Everyday Essential Set is, well, essential, with everything you need for a full face of flawlessness. We asked Nellie Robert (@vintynellie) to show us how she uses her brushes and what they’re good for…

Real Techniques 400 Blush Brush

Prevent patchy, unblended blush with this extra-soft tapered fluffy brush. A swoop here and a buff there and you’ll be perfectly rouged in no time. The voluminous, pillow-like bristles are also great for using with powder to set your whole face in place.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Made from super-soft, flexible foam, this sponge is perfect for laying down a flawless base of cream or liquid foundation. Use damp for a dewy finish or leave dry to achieve a fuller coverage. The flat side will let you cover large areas such as your cheeks, neck and forehead with ease, while the tapered end allows for more precise blending around your nose and under eyes.

Real Techniques 300 Deluxe Crease Brush

The short, dense bristles of this brush are perfect for applying cream or powder shadows to your eye crease. Working in small circular motions, you can buff in pigments for a professional finish. Nellie also suggests using this brush to apply concealer. The rounded top means that it’ll reach into all your face’s nooks and crannies (like under your eyes and around your nose), while the firmness of the bristles allows for buildable coverage.

Real Techniques 402 Setting Brush

Think of this one as the blush brush’s baby sister: just as fluffy, just as fabulous but a wee bit dinkier. The brush’s small size means it’s perfect for setting harder-to-reach areas, like under your eyes, with translucent powder. Alternatively, like Nellie, you can use it to apply highlighter for precise and flawlessly natural illumination.

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Real Techniques 200 Expert Face Brush

If you’re into full-coverage foundation with a flawless finish, this is the brush to achieve it. The firm, dense bristles are great for building product in thin layers so you end up with a covered, but not cakey, result. Begin by stippling the product onto your face, then buff it in with small circular motions.