Planning on a new exercise regime that helps you lose weight, get fit and build muscle? Protein can be just what you need, says Chris Sweeney, expert at Ultimate Sports Nutrition...

You might associate the sound of rattling protein shakers with giant weights and burly bodybuilders – but protein supplements can be beneficial to all of us. ‘Protein in any form, whether it’s wholefood or shake, is paramount for muscular development,’ says Chris Sweeney.

‘Adding protein to your daily diet is a great way of achieving lean, healthy muscles, while minimising calorific intake, curbing hunger and keeping cravings at bay.’

Is your New Year regime making your limbs ache? Consuming more protein could be the answer. ‘The breakdown of muscle through resistance training means those muscles need to repair, to come back strong and improve performance,’ says Chris. ‘Refuelling
and repairing muscle with protein is the answer. A protein powder after your workout is a fast and efficient way
to begin the recovery process.’

Focused on fat loss? Switch lunch or dinner for a protein-rich shake. ‘A great-tasting meal-replacement shake can be an effective way of combating hunger and helping to supplement a protein-deficient diet,’ explains Chris.