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The beauty products that work their magic while you sleep – Superdrug
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The beauty products that work their magic while you sleep

Beauty products that work while you snooze? Sign us up! Maybe it’s the lazy girl in us, but while we love the idea of a fancy K-Beauty-inspired, 10-step skincare routine, the reality is more a face wipe or micellar water while we binge on Black Mirror. The solution? Some seriously smart beauty prods that work their complexion-perfecting magic while we get our zzzzs. Want in? Read on.

The before-bed skin win

Did you know that skin regeneration doubles at night? Yup, news to us, too. But take advantage of it and think about what you’re slathering on before you hit the pillow. Using an overnight peel can help speed up cell turnover and revive skin for a rested complexion. Apply a thin layer of Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel before you hit the hay. It’s formulated with glycolic acid, which helps to nibble away dead skin cells and retexture skin so you can wake up to rested, smoother, suppler skin. Just remember, acids can increase sensitivity to the sun, so apply an SPF come sunrise.

Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel 30ml £6.99 Buy Now

Get your tan on in the small hours

Say buh-bye to waking up with sun-starved skin – it’s good morning to a serious glow once you get in on the overnight tanning game. Forget the faff of rinse-off self-tan, Solait Overnight Tan Mask is a dream (pun very much intended). Gradual tanners build up over time, and this one is pretty much beauty blunder-proof (perfect for us, then). Rinse your face with a warm flannel to deep-cleanse and remove dead skin cells, then blend a small amount of product over skin, not forgetting the hairline, neck and shoulders.


Solait Solait Overnight Tanning Face Mask 50ml £4.99 Buy Now

Heavenly hair before 8am

If the longest you use a hair mask is five minutes while you shave your legs and pits in the morning, you need to try Superdrug Hair Therapy Overnight Masque, like now. Not only will it leave hair stronger – that’ll be the argan and kukui nut oils – but sleeping in the stuff allows it to work its way thoroughly into your hair. Smooth it on after your shampoo, comb through and twist hair into a bun. Rinse it out in the morning and style as usual. Easy, huh?

Softer skin by sunrise

If you haven’t had time for a manicure, this is the road to enviable hands. Anatomicals Be Good With Your Hands In Bed Night Hand Cream is super-moisturising. In this case, more is more, so apply to hands generously and pop on a pair of moisturising gloves to allow it to work its moisturising muscle. You’ll get a few odd looks if your roomie spots you, but who wants cream on their best PJs?

Spaa Superdrug Spaa Cotton Moisturizing Gloves £2.99 Buy Now

Sleep your way to a brighter smile

Whiter teeth and no more morning breath when you wake up? Count us in! This stuff is loaded with active oxygen, which gives an extra bit of whiteness that naturally gets lost over time. Want to dazzle ’em? Put a generous pea-size blob of serum on your finger and rub over your teeth, making sure you reach the ones at the back. Leave on overnight and wake up feeling fresh af.

Pearl Drops Pearl Drops Strong and White Overnight Serum 15ml £6.99 Buy Now

So there you have it, gang. The best products for a productive night’s sleep. Exhausted? Us, too. It’s time to turn off your phone, shut down your laptop, slip on an eye mask and zzzzzzzzz. See you in the am!

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