If you’re going to be looking and feeling a little woozy come the morning of the 15th, these SOS buys will help to get you back on track…

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, so there’ll probably be no time for romantic lie-ins the next morning, especially if you’ve got work or college that day (meh!). If you’re looking and feeling rough, here are a few fail-safe buys to fall back on…

1. Get rid of last night’s mascara

We’ve all done it – slept in our makeup and found half of it smudged on the pillow the next day. Superdrug Tea Tree Sensitive Facial Cleansing Wipes will get you looking fresh faced in no time.

Tea Tree Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Wipes Sensitive 25 £1.35 Buy Now

2. Hair mare?

If your morning-after hair’s looking a bit greasy or flat, handbag-friendly Batiste Boost It Up Plumping Powder is the one that you want. Spritz through your hair and tousle through for instant swoosh-factor.

3. Power up with vit C

So if last night was a late one, you’re probably feeling a bit worse for wear. But put down that triple-shot latte and pop a Berocca instead. With energising vitamin C, it’s more effective and long-lasting than a caffeine hit.

Berocca Berocca Orange Energy Vitamin 15 Tablets £4.99 Buy Now

4. All about that BB base

If you’re tired and dehydrated, your skin is probably looking and feeling it. A BB cream not only helps sort out a thirsty complexion but it covers imperfections, too. Garnier BB Cream Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser conceals and brightens to the max, and will stop oily skin looking too shiny. Lifesaver!

Garnier Garnier BB Cream Oil Free Light Tinted Moisturiser 40ml £9.99 Buy Now

5. Look lively

Dark circles giving the game away that you stayed out all night? A quick sweep of Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Brightener should get you looking bright-eyed in no time. It’s got colour pigment to disguise any blueish tinge, while goji berry and haloxyl reduce puffiness and fine lines. We never leave home without it.

Maybelline Maybelline Instant Conceal Eraser Concealer Brightener £8.99 Buy Now

6. Happy feet

Feet still suffering from those – admittedly fabulous – heels you wore last night? Superdrug Gel Sore Spots can soothe blisters and will prevent you hobbling around the office the next day.

Superdrug Superdrug Gel Sore Spots x 6 £3.49 Buy Now

7. And to be on the safe side…

As Valentine’s Day souvenirs, we’ll take chocolate hearts and teddies over unplanned pregnancies, thank you. If you forgot to use protection and you’re not hoping to have a baby any time soon, the morning-after pill is a quick and painless option. Visit the Superdrug Online Doctor & Pharmacy for more information...

Consilient Consilient Emergency Contraceptive Tablet 1500mcg £13.49 Buy Now