It’s no secret that quality snooze time is a skin saviour – after all, it’s called beauty sleep for a reason, right? But it’s not always easy to catch those zzzs, and sleepless nights always seem to hit before important days. Got a job interview in the morning? Midnight clock watching is almost certainly gonna go down. But, other than that cute clutch, you won’t have to be carrying any bags into the boardroom with this product wonder, which will help you fake a full night’s sleep in just one minute. And no… we’re not selling you dreams.

Collage of One minute Daily Glow Mask by Sanctuary Spa

Introducing the Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Face Mask, packed with vitamin C goodness that’ll leave your skin with an I-got-a-good-night’s-sleep glow.

How to use it

You’ve tumbled out of bed and hit snooze one too many times on the clock, so the minutes are tight. You might not think you have time for a face mask, but this baby does its magic in a minute – trust us. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of the orange gel all over dry skin, wet your fingertips and then rub in the mask to activate all those fab ingredients. Leave it on for a minute, then rinse off. Who hasn’t got time for that?

Why it works

This glow giver is powered by a trio of vitamin C superfruits, perfect for perking up that dull complexion because – let’s face it – nothing says well rested like radiant skin. The 1 Minute Daily Glow Face Mask contains Kakadu plum, the world’s richest source of vitamin C, which means it’s super-nourishing and packed with antioxidants. It’s the only thing you need to get that naturally glowing complexion we’re all lusting after on mornings when we’re looking a lil worse for wear.

What it does

No one’s downgrading the value of a good solid eight hours’ sleep, but when you see what this mask can do in one minute, you’ll be – yes – shooketh. Your skin will look brighter and plumper – #winning – and the anti-ageing properties of all that vitamin C will reduce the appearance of any fine lines.

This really is a morning miracle worker – and we’re soooo into it.