Give your New Year resolutions a head-start by getting your skin and body prepped well before Christmas…

Dreading the post-Christmas slump before the party season’s even started? And is the thought of all that rich food, those endless sweet treats and countless glasses of fizz enough to make you think that January detox couldn’t come quickly enough? What if you could lessen the side effects by prepping your skin and body from within before you even hit the dance floor?

Hydration Hero

‘Make sure you’re adequately hydrated well in advance by drinking plenty of water in the run-up to the festive season,’ says nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire. Not only will it help to maintain the balance of bodily fluids, it can also fill you up between meals and keep your skin looking healthy. It’s easy to lose track of how much liquid you’ved drunk, so buy a tow-litre bottle of water, keep it on your desk, worktop or coffee table, and refill it each day.

Nutritional Boost

‘The festive period is always busy,’ says Emma, ‘so keep your energy levels up by eating foods such as red meat, t help boost iron and Vitamin B levels. Immune support is also key,’ she adds. ‘Make sure you eat plenty of greens, superfoods such as protein-packed eggs, omega-rich salmon and fibre-filled bananas, and sip on antioxidant green tea pre-Christmas to maintain your immune function.’

Top Up

Slacking on the vitamin and mineral front? It’s not always easy to stay on track with a nutritious and balanced healthy diet – especially when there are mince pies, chocolates and an abundance of party food constantly on the agenda. Supplements are great for helping you to top up your intake. ‘Opt for an all-round multivitamin in the run-up to Christmas for general health and wellbeing,’ says Emma.