Want to get beach-body ready for summer but need to improve your eating habits and increase your activity? Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed gives you her top tips…

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Get started

Make sure you’re eating
a balance of foods and not cutting whole food groups out of your diet, which may leave you feeling lethargic. Get out in the fresh air whenever possible and get active, too. Take walks in your lunch break.

Choose wisely

Keep up your energy levels with healthy snacks. Nuts and seeds, plain yogurt and fruit, wholegrain crackers or oatcakes are filling, healthy options. Keep hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of fluid a day. Establish
an eating pattern rather than eating out of habit.

Reap the benefits

Leading a healthy lifestyle has so many benefits, physically and mentally. So whenever you’re ready, give it a go. Improvements don’t happen overnight, though – try to keep track of how you feel day to day, rather than just looking at the scales. Good health involves much more than keeping your weight in check. Many people say they sleep better, have more energy and feel happier when they make positive changes to their diet and activity – which affect other aspects of your life, including your weight

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