When unpredictable Autumn/Winter weather conditions mean that your blow-dry gets ruined as soon as you leave the hair salon and that silky smooth locks are a thing of the past, it’s a sign that it might be time to switch up your ‘do to something a bit more rainproof. So whether you’re a ponytail-o-phobe, or you’ve sported the style since primary school, here’s how to work 5 different ponytail style this season:

The messy pony

If you’re not one for intricate detail and you’d rather 10 more minutes in bed than an immaculate hairdo, then this one is for you. This style will work best on two or three day old hair that’s slightly waved and textured.

The knotted pony

Probably not ideal for everyday, but if there’s a special occasion on the cards and you fancy a chic up do that’s not too time consuming, look towards the knotted pony. Simply slick hair back into a mid pony and secure in place with a hair tie, separate hair in half and knot one side around the other.

The super low pony

Make like fashionista Olivia Palermo and opt for a pony so low that it’ll look like your hair is actually down from the front! It’s best to keep hair smooth and sleek for this one, so if your hair frizzes up in the rain, this might not survive your morning commute to work – but if keeping hair silky soft isn’t a problem, this’ll add extra style points to any look!

The wrap around pony

This look oozes elegance, and the best part about it is that it’s far less complicated than it looks! Tie your hair into a high pony, pull away a section of hair and wrap around the band several times – secure tightly with grips underneath for a stay-all-day look.

The bobble pony

This look might remind you of the look you sported for school when you were 10 – but with a twist. Tie the top section of your hair in place with a hair band, and do the same with the section below, and the section below that, until hair hangs in one long pony down your back. Easy peasy!