We caught up with Pixiwoo - aka our fave YouTuber sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman - to chat all things beauty... including the number one question they always get asked…

Hey gals! So, first things first… What are your three handbag essentials?

Nic: Mine changes all the time, but at the minute it’s mascara, concealer and lip balm I think!
Sam: Moisturiser, and I’ve just got into wearing lipstick so I think it’d be a lipstick and a lip liner.

And who are your current day beauty icon?

Sam: Kate Moss! She started her career in the ‘90s but she’s still going strong. Because of her bone structure in her face, you can take that and do any period of make-up on it and she looks incredible. I’ve actually charted Vogue covers where she’s done 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and 2000’s and she looks amazing. She’s got such an adaptable face.
Nic: For me I think it would be Jennifer Lawrence. Purely because she’s a real girl. She seems normal, she seems approachable, she doesn’t take it all too seriously and, you know, it’s such a cliché but she seems beautiful inside and outside. She just makes me happy to see her. And to see her fall over like normal people – because I’m like that!

Haha, us too! You’ve just finished filming a documentary about legendary Hollywood beauty icons, what’s the most interesting thing you learnt?

Nic: I think it was that Elizabeth Taylor had a genetic mutation. I can’t remember what it was called but it meant that she got a double set of eyelashes and lilac coloured eyes. Isn’t that the best genetic mutation ever?!

That’s amazing! What’s the number one beauty question you get asked on YouTube?

Nic: What foundation colour should I wear! That’s a really common one.
Sam: I also think we get a lot of questions about how to wear eyeliner or do eye shadow when you have hooded eyes.
Nic: We were discussing this the other day actually and we were saying that so many celebrities have hooded eyes.
Sam: I think a lot of people consider hooded eyes to be a really negative thing, but actually it gives people a really sexy, sultry look. If you think about people like Blake Lively, Eva Green, Jennifer Lawrence, they look incredible.

How long does it take you to do your celebrity transformation videos?

Sam: We don’t ever practice anything, so if it doesn’t look good… it just doesn’t go up! We don’t have a lot of time.
Nic: We do talk about them before we film and we test the colour tones to check they work, but we don’t ever do the look unless for some reason it didn’t record and then we have to do it again.
Sam: We do do a lot of research though, so I’ll go online and find out who the original make-up artist was if it was someone who’s still alive, try and contact them to find out what products they used. And if I can’t do that, I’ll get a one forward-facing picture and one profile shot so I can see the look from all angles. That’s probably what takes the most time!

And finally, do you feel the pressure when it comes to social media?

Sam: I think we did initially, but now we deliberately post pictures where we have no make-up on, not selfie-face all the time. That’s an important thing to do
Nic: And actually, we’re quite likely to meet people who follow us and if they meet us and are like ‘oh, devastated!’ Then I’d be gutted if we don’t actually look like the pictures we post. I like to keep it as real as possible.
Sam: I think you definitely see a big difference between the British and the US Instagram because it’s a different culture. The US is all about this perfect façade, while the UK doesn’t really like that in the same way. We like to relate to people, to feel like we are friends. I wouldn’t say we’ve never felt pressure because we have, all women want to look their best, but with social media you always know there’s going to be somebody who says something horrible.
Nic: Sometimes it’s quite nice for people to have a little argument on your Instagram. I just like to sit there and watch it unfold!

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