What I know about beauty...

Pixie Lott

I sometimes break the beauty rules...

I always try and cleanse and moisturise and night as it’s important to let your skin breathe. Micellar water is great, especially when I’ve been wearing lots of make-up for shows – although I’m not always good at taking my make-up off after a night out! And a good moisturiser is essential. I moisturise morning and evening.

Getting ready in a rush

Dry shampoo is such a lifesaver, especially if I’m in a huge rush and don’t have time to wash my hair. I’m also a big fan of my Paint range of hair chalks and sprays, as I can play around with them when I don’t have time to go for an all-over colour change.

Keeping healthy during party season

I eat healthily, drinks lots of water and make sure I get enough sleep. I also try not to drink any alcohol on days before I have a big performance or when I’ve got a busy schedule, as it tires out my voice.

Keeping my bleached hair in good conditon

It’s so important to use a good shampoo and conditioner. I also try to get treatments whenever I can, to give my hair a moisturising boost.

Everyday beauty

My favourite daytime look is dewy, highlighted skin, a simple coat of mascara and a subtle lipgloss.

Hangover cure

Drinks lots of water. Failing that, nothing beats Lucozade!

Boyfriend borrower?

Oliver doesn’t pinch my products. He’s pretty good at knowing what works best for him.

Beauty disasters

I can’t wear bright or dark lipsticks when I perform – I get too close to the mic and it ends up everywhere. When I came off stage at a festival once, I thought everyone was looking at me oddly, then I realised I had red lipstick smudged everywhere!

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