You’re more likely to be attacked by sharks and you should never wash your hair during your period. These are just a couple of the myths that people believed were facts. Hard to understand? Read on…

Menstrual blood can cure and cause leprosy

In medieval Europe, people thought menstrual blood was not only the cure for leprosy – a contagious disease that affects skin, membranes and nerves – but they also believed that drinking the blood would give you leprosy. Confused? Us, too.

Women having a period are more likely to be attacked by sharks

Sounds absurd – and it is. There’s no evidence that suggests this. Sure, blood can attract sharks, but so can sweat, urine and other bodily fluids. Top tip: avoid shark-infested waters at any time.

You shouldn’t wash your hair during your period

There’s no reason to change any part of your regular grooming routine just because it’s your time of the month. And a warm bath or shower can help ease any period pain.

Women who have their period shouldn’t drink wine

In 1919, it was believed that women who were menstruating could turn wine into vinegar. And if they were involved in the process of brewing beer, they could ruin the product. Crazy!

You can’t go swimming during your period

Not true. But you’re better off wearing a tampon.

You can’t eat whatever you like while you have your period

Not a bit true. You don’t need to change your diet during your period. The only thing you may need more of is iron, especially if you’re prone to losing a lot of blood during your cycle.

You can’t go to the dentist during your time of the month

Back in the old days, people believed if a woman went to the dentist during her period and had a filling, it would fall out. Not true, and certainly no excuse to miss your regular check-up!