New hair-colour trend alert! And this time, it’s got nothing to do with rinsing your hair with a fluorescent yellow wash à la Kylie Jenner at Coachella or taking inspo from a plant (yes, really! More on that here). Lightening your hair this summer is all about softer, more natural and understated tones – and you can say goodbye to your trusty technique of balayage or ombré, as there’s a new grown-out, sunkissed trend in town.

Drop your balayage brush and embrace palm painting – a technique where the only tool you need is your hands (not even a comb or a brush!). Massaging highlights into hair freehand means that the colour won’t follow any pattern, and bleached strands will show on parts of the hair that haven’t been coloured. Stripes and harsh lines are totally avoided, and a perfectly natural, blended ‘I’ve-just-been-to-the-Maldives’ look is achieved.

The best part? This type of ’do is probably as low maintenance as it gets, with no need to get regular top-ups to conceal dark roots… which means your hair will look and feel healthier, too. Genius!

We reckon that paired with beachy, tousled waves, this is going to be a winner for the holiday season! Will you be trying this highlighting technique? We’d love to hear from you!