It’s 8pm on Friday night. You’re snuggled up on the sofa ready to get through an entire series on Netflix. You’ve just hoovered up the last of the Jaffa cakes and are about to tuck into a share bag of Doritos when your phone buzzes. ‘We’re going out. Like, out OUT. No excuses. I’ll be over in 20.’ Ah, of course you should have predicted this from your newly single and ever so slightly erratic bestie.

You make a mental check list and start tickin’. Outfit choice is sorted – you just bought a killer dress. Your hair? A cheeky curl here and there, and it’s good to go. Shoes are always easy: your go-to heeled faux-leather boots. Wow, that was a bloody breeze! Oh… oh, wait… your nails look as if they’ve been nibbled to within an inch of their life, thanks to chipped polish and an uneven shape. And with 10 minutes left and counting, there’s no time for the full MOT.

collage of fake nails

If you’re nodding along to all of the above, it’s time you got on board the fake-nail bandwagon. Need convincing? They’re already coloured and shaped to perfection, so there’s no need to put in the labour filing, painting and aggressively blowing on them in the hope that THIS time they’ll dry quicker. SPOILER: they never do.

So now you’re clearly thinking you need to stock up by the basket load for when the above scenario strikes, take a look at our personal select of the best fake nails for autumn. We’re talkin’ dark hues and fierce shapes, which will have you showing off your nails at every opportunity.

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