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The one-day tan that’s got us all GLOing cray – Superdrug
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The one-day tan that’s got us all GLOing cray

Gone are the days of fake-tan faux pas and patchy glow jobs that need serious scrubbing to remove. For body bronzing that lasts for one night, and one night only, we bring you the tan that’s gonna give your beauty bag a taste of summin’ it’s never seen before. Enter Bondi Sands’ brand spanking new GLO range, featuring three hot-to-trot hybrids between fake tan and make-up which are gonna let you get creative with your glow. Oh, and did we mention they're exclusive to Superdrug?

Whether it’s your first time fakin’ the bake, or you’re a seasoned self-tanner and wanna turn your hand to the more complicated world of body contouring, Bondi Sands GLO is gonna give you what you’re looking for. Simply squeeze, swipe and buff into skin for a beautifully bronzed, flawlessly faked finish. We recommend using a tanning mitt on the bod for a streak-free sun-kissed look – but get this, you can also use GLO to contour your face and add a pop of bronzy highlight to cheekbones and collarbones. When going for these smaller areas, use a make-up brush and make sure that you really blend the product in. These beauty boosters give you an instant hit of colour, yet wash off with soap and water. Bottom line? You’ve gotta give these GLOs a go.

The matte one

It’s classic, it’s natural, it’s beach babe in a bottle. GLO Matte One Day Tan gives you an au naturale finish that’ll have everyone thinking you’ve spent a fortnight soaking up the sun on the Gold Coast. Great for tan top-ups and body contouring, this beauty buy will be your new go-to glow getter.

Bondi Sands Bondi Sands GLO - Matte One Day Tan £9.99 Buy Now

The shimmer one

Like your glow with a little more glam thrown in? GLO Shimmer One Day Tan is perfect for anyone looking to bump up their skin’s natural radiance. With innovative light-reflecting particles, this product is all you need for that lit-from-within look. Buff across your collarbones, shoulders and legs for a glistening bronzed look that’s honestly to die for.

Bondi Sands Bondi Sands GLO - Shimmer One Day Tan £9.99 Buy Now

The glossy one

This one is for glow getters who want some real bang with their bronze. Introducing GLO Gloss Finishing Glow, the dewy tanning sensation that’s set to become your new summer essential. Use alone or on top of GLO Matte or GLO Shimmer for a reflective, high-shine finish that’ll leave you lookin’ positively radiant.

Bondi Sands Bondi Sands GLO - Gloss Finishing Glow £9.99 Buy Now
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