Calling all fake tan fans! We caught up with the founder of Madame La La, Nicole Dash Jones, to get the lowdown on holiday fake tanning…

Is it a good idea to fake tan while you’re on holiday?

Definitely! Baking in the sun for hours is very damaging so give your base tan a UVA and UVB-free top up with self-tan. If you don’t tan naturally, it’s easy to get a faux holiday glow instead!

Can you go in the swimming pool with fake tan on?

Personally I would avoid it. Chlorine and self-tan don’t mix well; it’s likely to make your tan fade faster.

Would you recommend applying fake tan after a day at the beach?

Sure! I find the salt in seawater to be an amazing natural exfoliator for the skin prior to application, and actually putting self-tan on warm skin tends to give a very smooth finish – almost spray tan like. Post-tan, seawater can also be quite good for removing any patchiness and for giving your glow that all-important even finish.

How can I maintain my tan while I’m away?

As simple as it sounds, this is the best advice: make sure you keep your skin moisturised to prevent any dead skin cells from flaking off – and taking your tan with it!

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