It’s not just your body that can feel all partied out, dry as a coconut husk and in need of rehab after the festive season. Chances are your hair is pretty worn out, too. Time to give it a new lease of life, so here are the commandments to live by in 2018.

Thou shalt always use protection

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If you’re still heat styling without using a protective spray, you’re in the fast lane to frazzled, my friend. Add TREsemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray to your New Year haul and you’ll get a whopping five benefits from the very first use. They are as follows: up to 72 hours of frizz control, detangled hair, a silky shine, soft feel and no more flyways. Instant win.

Thou shalt know your hair type

Get back to basics and become reacquainted with your strands. Ask yourself, ‘Do I actually know my hair type?’ Hair can change depending on the season, your diet and even your hormones, so when buying new products, don’t just reach for what you’ve always used. After washing and letting hair dry naturally (and without using any styling products), look at it in the mirror. Has it gone flat or frizzy, has it sprung into coils, waves or curls? Get back to basics and only use what you really need to get the look you want, instead of grabbing your styling tools. Your hair will thank you.

Thou shalt be kinder when styling

Got a class A straightener addiction? Won’t leave the house without tonging your ends? Then be kind to your mane attraction and use the best hot tools to minimise damage. The Remington Air Plates Straightener, with its unique suspended plates system, moves freely with your hair to provide maximum contact at every stroke. So you don’t need to go over each section more than once, which reduces needless heat damage. Clever.

Thou shalt protect coloured hair

L'Oreal Paris LOréal Hair Expertise Pure Dye Moisture Shampoo 250ml £6.29 Buy Now

Yes, it’s a great time of year for a new look, but permanent colour penetrates deep into your hair and can leave it feeling dry, fragile and a bit blah. But with L’Oreal Hair Expertise Pure Dye Moisture Shampoo you don’t need to compromise on colour or condition. It contains nourishing rosemary and juniper oils and is a non-sulphate cleanser, which won’t strip hair of its new hue.

Thou shalt make a Sunday night date – with your hair

Bleach London Bleach London Reincarnation Mask 200ml £6.29 Buy Now

Fan of a Sunday night face mask? Your hair wants in, too. Try a new twist on multi-masking – doing your face and hair at the same time. Bleach London Reincarnation Mask is a mask made in heaven. Even though it’s especially good for bleached blondes and coloured hair, it’s a real multitasker. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes (why not get all indulgent and wrap in a towel, to enhance the conditioning effects?) and say hello to softer, happier hair for the week ahead.

Thou shalt be open-minded

It might make you go ‘say what?’ but crimping is a surprisingly chic 2018 hair trend. Yes, the 80s retro style is back – but with a twist. Bring the look up to date by avoiding crimping all of your hair. Instead, experiment with different sections for a dual-texture effect. Add extra interest to up-dos by crimping your hair before putting it in a braid or bun, or crimp under sections but leave top layers straight, for an instant volume boost.

Thou shalt live by the mantra ‘new year, new hue’

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The hottest hue of 2018? It’s metallic grey. Forget images of your nan, though – the look is shiny and multi-tonal. If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent grey do, try Colour Freedom's Storm Grey, for a semi-perm look. Get ready for a brave new 2018.