Ring the alarm, people, because it’s 2019! The new year has arrived and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to start setting goals and making resolutions that are gonna help you have your best year yet.

It’s so easy to slip into bad beauty habits as the months go on, so to make sure you stay on track with all your routines (and hopefully to give you some inspo!) we asked Harry Derbidge to come in and share his seven resolutions.

Stick to your skincare

It’s easy to slip out of a thorough skincare routine, but your face will thank you if you take the time to stick with a decent daily cleanse. Get your hands on the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Complete Cleanser and use it in the morning and night to remove any impurities and excess oils.

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Go cruelty-free

With a massive shift towards veganism, it’s no surprise that the beauty community is following suit. There are tonnes of high-quality cruelty-free products out there that are suitable for vegans, so do your bit for the planet and make a couple of switches here and there. The B. Matte Liquid Lipsticks are great to have in your makeup arsenal. They’re velvety smooth and have all the staying power you want from a liquid lippy.

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Think outside the box

We’re all guilty of finding one or two shades that we love in a palette and sticking to them until we hit pan. Make it one of your goals this year to use all the shades in your favourite palette and experiment with your eyeshadow looks.

Healthy habits

There’s nothing quite like the health motivation that kicks in on the 1st of January! But, let’s be honest, it wanes quickly and it’s VERY easy to fall off the wagon. If you find your commitment levels falling, an easy way to stay on top of your health is by doing a tea detox every once in a while. The Some Body Teatox 14 Day Detox and Cleanse Day & Night Formula is perfect for this. It’ll help to reduce fatigue, improve digestion and get rid of that dreaded bloat.

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Keep ’em clean

You might be over the party season, but your makeup brushes are still wearing every single face you painted on for the countless shindigs. Clean brushes help you apply makeup better and improve the results – not to mention they’re waaaaay more hygienic – so it’s important to keep them sparkling. Get into the habit of regularly cleansing your brushes with the Revolution Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner. Set aside time every couple of weeks and you’re guaranteed to minimise breakouts and improve the end results of your makeup.

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Never pass on SPF

The sun may not be shining, but it’s still there! UV rays can penetrate through clouds, glass windows and even some fabrics, so it’s massively important to stay topped up on SPF all year round. Simply rub some of the Solait Sport Moisturising Lotion SPF30 100ml all over before you leave the house and you’ll be protected against those harmful rays.

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End the day right

Last, but not least, make it a part of your daily routine to remove any makeup you wear at the end of the day. Your skin doesn’t want to be clogged up with foundation and powders and whatnot, so make sure you let it breathe. Apply some of the B. Pure Micellar Oil to a cotton pad and wipe off the day’s face. It’ll break down makeup, excess oils and remove any impurities from your skin.

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