Our fave beauty brand is back and they’ve brought hella new launches with them from across the board. That’s right, Revolution Beauty is here with new I Heart Revolution, Revolution and Revolution Pro products – so whatever your budget, you can climb on board the beauty bandwagon. Get ready and get gassed, people, because they’re guuuuuurd, and we’d go as far as to say some of them are game changers. So sit down, pull up a screen and let’s get into the goodies…

collage of new revolution beauty products

Eyes on the prize

We all know Revolution for absolutely nailing their eyeshadow game. They consistently release strong, gorgeous pigments at low prices – what more do you want from eyeshadow? Well, that’s just what’s been delivered this time, too, with a tonne of new eyeshadow launches to tickle our beauty tastebuds.

Collaboration palettes

We’re kickin’ off the haul with a couple of new collabs that we know you’re gonna love. Revolution has teamed up with @makeupbytammi and @carmimua to bring us two palettes that are jam-packed with stunning summer shades. It’s a yes from us!

If you’re a fan of super-pigmented mattes, this is the one with you. The palette contains 10 gorgeous shadows and two hot-to-trot highlighters.

Tammi has hit the perfect balance between vibrant and neutral with this one. You’ve got everything you need to create killer summer looks, including pops of colour, transition shades and shimmery pigments.

Let’s get mythical

I Heart Revolution knows how obsessed we all are with our mythical creatures – (#TeamMermaid) and they’ve created these lil stunners to satisfy our imaginations…

I Heart Revolution I Heart Makeup Dragon's Heart Eye Shadow Palette £6.99 Buy Now

Feed your warm and fiery side with this divine dragon-themed palette.

I Heart Revolution I Heart Makeup Mermaid's Heart Eye Shadow Palette £6.99 Buy Now

This palette is giving us aaaaaall those under-the-sea vibe with gorgeous aqua colours that’ll make your eyes pop.

I Heart Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorn's Heart Eye Shadow Palette £6.99 Buy Now

After some hues that are gonna complement your iridescent festival glitter? This palette’s got it all.

Sweet like chocolate

I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution I Heart Nudes Eye Shadow Palette £8.99 Buy Now

If you’re a sucker for pretty packaging, you’ll be all over the I Heart Revolution’s new chocolate-themed nudes palette. With 18 delicious mocha and chocca shades, this is a must-have for anyone who loves their neutrals.

Crossing the line

If you’re struggling to get into the spirit of exam season (we can’t blame you!), these stationary-themed beauty buys might be just what you need. Say hello to the new 4-in-1 liners that are gonna save space in your beauty bag and be the perfect multi-tool for festival season.

I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution Multi Liner £5.00 Buy Now

This little doohickey comes with three eyeliners (black, brown and nude) AND a pinky-toned lip liner. Perfect for nailing the basics.

If you love a lip liner, you need to get this in your shopping basket right now! It has four gorgeous neutral shades to help you fill in, line and define your lips.

Fancy something a little brighter? These colourful eyeliners will do the trick and add oomph to any look.

Not-so-basic base

Any makeup lover knows that perfecting your base is key to nailing your look. Well, Revolution has satisfied our needs and released a couple of new beauty buys that are a little off-piste but 100% on the money.

A new kinda primer

Revolution Pro Revolution Pro Blur Stick £10.00 Buy Now

We want two things in a primer: minimised imperfections and a good base for foundation. That’s exactly what you get with this Revolution Pro lightweight, breathable blur stick.

Cushion correctors

We all fell in love with beauty sponges, so Revolution has come up with the bright idea to incorporate our fave makeup tools into their new cushion correctors. These babies apply like a dream and will leave you with a flawless-looking complexion.

Spray ’n’ set

Revolution Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray £6.00 Buy Now

We all know how good hyaluronic acid is for our skin. These penetrating particles will get right in there and help your skin hang onto moisture, making it look plump, fresh and hydrated.

Light up your life

Revolution highlighters always nail it, and this shimmery palette is nothing short of sensational. For a glow that’s gonna blind ’em, this is the only option.