Rainbow roots, pastel rinses, crystal-themed colours…  these are a few of millennials’ favourite things. Las Vegas-based hairstylist Chita Beseau has worked her barnet-beautifying magic by joining them all together to create the ultimate trend – gem roots.

The idea is to use the colours in your go-to crystal collection – lavenders, mint greens and pale pinks – and dye them onto platinum hair. Can I do this myself, we hear you ask. The answer is yes, yes, you can. Here are our tips and tricks on how to get the ultimate gem-root look and be festival-ready now.


Step 1. Prepare to bleach

For best results, you’ll need a blank canvas. If you’re brunette or dirty blonde, you might need to go a little lighter. Why? Because those ethereal, pastel-gem tones that we want so badly show up best on light hair.

Bleach your hair at least a day before dying so that on D-day you don’t wash away the scalp-protecting natural oils. Make sure you wear gloves to prevent your hands getting irritated or stained.

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Step 2. Prepare and prepare

Your hair needs to be properly prepped. The good news is, there’s no need to wash it. Dye LOVES dirty hair, like Beyoncé loves booty shorts. Vaseline will stop the colour staining your skin, so apply it around your hairline for a clean finish. 

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Step 3. Dye time

Now it’s time to get some colour on those roots. Can I do it myself? You totally can, but we suggest you ask for a little help from a friend. Applying colour can be fiddly, and it’s good to have a second eye to check your roots are well covered. If you don’t have any help at hand, hair colourist Bekki Mitchell says, ‘When dying the roots of your hair, try to stand opposite a mirror with another mirror propped up behind you, so you have an aerial view of your hair.’

To get the gem-themed look, we’re using different-coloured dyes: Colour Freedom Mystic Purple, Colour Freedom Green Emerald and Colour Freedom Pink Pizazz. Squeeze a generous blob of the purple into a mixing bowl, the green into a second bowl, and the pink into a third. For pastel perfection, add Colour Freedom Pasteliser to each bowl – 20 parts pasteliser to one-part dye – swirling it around with a tint brush. When the colours are mixed to the shade you’re after, separate your hair into four sections using a comb and a sectioning grip.

To get the lavender base that people on the gram are going cray cray for, begin with the purple dye. Work it into the roots with your tint brush, pressing so the colour really goes in and moving downwards, covering about an inch or so of hair. Make sure you cover the back of the roots thoroughly, too. Bekki says you should always keep sections of your hair super thin as it will ‘ensure all  the product soaks in and doesn’t leave you with any patchy bits!’

Once you’re satisfied with your lavender roots, it’s time to add the green dye. Starting from where you left off, apply the green dye, covering another inch or so of hair.

Finally, it’s time to add a pop of pink. Starting from where the green stops, brush on the pink dye, covering another inch. Your hair should now look like a mini-rainbow of purple, green and pink.

The finished look should be cool and quirky – we don’t want colour blocks – so use your fingers to smudge the lines between the three colours, letting your creativity run wild!

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