Crimbo is just around the corner (33 days, to be exact) and new launches just keep on coming. We’re talking about a game-changing facial oil, a hairspray which helps your hair grow, a pout-plumping lip balm and a gorge new eyeshadow palette. Sound too good to be true? Check ’em out…

New launches

Revolution Skincare Skin Nourishing Oil – CBD Oil

You may have heard the words ‘CBD oil’ floating around and wondered what the jeff is that? CBD oil is a safe and legal compound found in marijuana which is proven to have all the skin benefits.

What does it do? Well, CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which works to reduce and prevent acne and eczema. It’s packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, which prevent dry skin, especially if you’re prone to patchy skin. Simply massage a few drops into dry skin as part of your usual skincare routine.

Revolution Skincare Revolution Skincare Skin Nourishing Oil - CBD Oil £9.99 Buy Now

Hairburst Volume and Growth Elixir

If you’re always trying to find ways to thicken your fine hair, you need to try this hair-thickening spritz. The spray is full of wheat proteins which repair damaged strands and trap in moisture, making hair less likely to dry out and break. The thickening spray also contains stinging nettle, which prevents hair loss.

Wanna give it a go? Wash your hair as normal, then while it’s still damp, spray all over your roots and the length of your hair.

Hairburst Hairburst Elixir- Volume & Growth Spray £23.99 Buy Now

EOS Crystal Weightless Hydration Lip Balm in Peach

Pout product addicts unite: EOS have launched their first ever vegan lip balm. It’s loaded with shea butter and coconut, which will keep your skin hydrated by trapping in moisture. The best thing? The balm contains avocado oil, which penetrates deeply, giving your lips a temporary fuller look. Apply directly to your lips and repeat often.

GOSH 9 Shades to Rock Down Under

You won’t know what you were missing with this party palette. It comes in nine shimmer, matte and metallic earthy shades.

Top tip: Use an eyeshadow brush to pack a matte shade all over the eyelid. Now cover the brush in the gold shade and pat on top for an eye-opening two-toned look.

GOSH Gosh 9 shades To Rock Down Under Eyeshadow Palette 006 £11.99 Buy Now