Summer is happening, people! So we’ve trawled the internet and found the best garden party hacks to make your next BBQ your best ever…

Put condiments in a muffin tin

No BBQ is complete without ketchup, mustard and mayo, so make serving them easier than ever by decanting them into a muffin tin and then let your guests dig in.

Turn paper plates into bowls using a piece of string

Yep, this is as easy and as genius as it looks. Tying a piece of string around a paper plate turns it into a bowl, which can then be used to serve coleslaw, fruit, salad – whatever you like. Saves a whole load of time on washing-up and looks cute, too.

Grill fish on top of fruit

Place slices of lemons or limes on the BBQ and arrange your fish of choice on top. The citrus flavour will be stronger, and the fruit slices will stop the fish sticking to the BBQ grill.

Make ice cubes using a 12-hole bun tray

The cubes will be the perfect size for putting in a pitcher of your chosen drink, and they won’t melt as quickly as regular-sized ice cubes. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add some fruit to the water in the bun tray before you freeze.

Use rosemary sprigs as kebab skewers

Way better than a plain metal or wooden skewer, rosemary sprigs add flavour to your meat, veg or fish kebabs. Genius.

Use an onion to clean your BBQ

Onions are a natural disinfectant, so instead of digging out your cleaning kit, cut an onion in half and rub it over your BBQ grill to get rid of the grease and grime. Job done!