National One-Hit Wonder Day is here, ladies and gents, and we can’t miss out on an opportunity to reminisce. Whether it’s a noughties number or an 80s classic that gets you going, there’s a top single out there for all of us. And while we were twiddling our manicured nails and trying to decide on our all-time fave, we realised that singers can be very wise, and that the songs we love the most have taught us a lot – especially when it comes to beauty…

one hit wonders

More, more, more…

When moisturising, more is always more. You need to moisturise twice a day, every day. Moisturiser treats your skin when it gets dry and stops it drying out again. And, yes, you still need to use it if you have oily skin. Why? Because oily skin still dries out, and if you don’t moisturise, it will compensate by increasing oil production.

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Black and gold

Sam Sparro nailed the colour combo on the head with the hit that gets everyone in the office tapping their heels. Oh, black and gold, the holy grail of perfect partnerships to jazz up your peepers. A coating of gold eyeshadow followed by jet-black liquid eyeliner and fabulous falsies is a fail-safe date-night look. Sam Sparro is all about black and gold, and he’s a pretty stylish guy.

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Somebody that I used to know…

Is how you should think of your five-year-old lipstick. It might have been a winner once upon a time, but things have moved on. And so should you. Choose a different shade, explore your horizons. What suited you back in the day might not suit you now. What’s more, after one or two years (and two years is pushing it, tbh) harmful bacteria can build up on your lipstick. We know you’re a hoarder, but you’re ready. Not sure which staple shades to go for? Plum lipsticks are seriously in right now. We told you first.

Shake it

Metro station really got us swaying our hips and shaking it with this one. What else will we be shaking? Liquid foundation. Particles can settle at the bottom of our dinky lil’ foundation bottles, so give the thing a jiggle before you lather it on your pretty face. You should also shake-up your moisturiser, sun lotion and eye cream.  

Pump up the volume

If you want thicker, fulling-looking lashes, go for a volumising mascara. It will make your lashes look darker, longer and thicker, drawing attention to those pretty eyes.

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BRB… we’re off to the bathroom to sing all our fave hits into our shampoo bottles!