When, for so many people, winter signals the arrival of snuggling up in your woollens and feeling all warm and cosy, it can be a bit of a bummer to have that ruined by dry, itchy and sore skin. If you’ve ever suffered with eczema or dermatitis, you’ll defs know all about the impact of winter on your skin. Moving between cold, harsh winds and the dry warmth of central heating can wreak havoc on your dermis, and the key to curbing this is staying moisturised. In our book, there’s one product that’s a real game changer…

girl applying moisturiser

Enter Doublebase Hydrating Gel, the tube of skin-treating goodness that you can bag for under a fiver… yes, that’s correct. This less-than-lunch lifesaver is great for anyone who suffers with dry skin in the winter, or at any time of year for that matter. It contains isopropyl myristate (we can’t pronounce it either), which gives your skin’s moisture barrier a boost and helps to reduce any moisture loss. Liking the sound of it so far? It also has the PERFECT formula – nice and thick without being greasy – which we believe is the best texture for soothing sore skin.

Doublebase Doublebase Hydrating Gel - 100g £4.85 Buy Now

Simply apply the gel to any dry areas, allow it to sink in and wait to feel the magic. It’ll work to reduce redness and irritation, while moisturising, and help your skin build its defences back up. Whether you need to curb an eczema flare-up or just want something on hand that’s gonna moisturise your mitts, this game changer is a must-have for the cold months.