Our fascination with mermaids and unicorns may have been around for a while now (erm, actually, since the first time we ever watched The Little Mermaid), but it's safe to say that the trend isn't going anywhere. While we've let you into a fair share of tips when it comes to perfecting a mermaid/unicorn-themed makeup look, we couldn't help but take even more inspo from this Instagram-famous MUA. 

With over 12,000 followers obsessing over her incredible creations, Mel Castaneda has definitely got mermaid makeup nailed... In fact, we don't think that anyone does it better RN!

Adorning her face with an assortment of colourful shadows, glitters and gems, Mel's talent for pretty much everything mermaid-themed shines through on her feed - giving us all of the modern-day Ariel feels. From brows to lips, to full on mermaid makeovers, she's definitely got it all covered...

...And we just can't get enough! Which mermaid-inspired look will you be trying? We'd love to see your results!

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