Breaking news: Max Factor is launching its first ever caring mascara. We’re talking about a lash lengthener that acts to help your lashes grow and stay strong. How does it work? It’s all down to magical ingredients and a well-designed mascara wand…

Max factor Volume Infusion Mascara

There’s biotin

Always dreamed of big, bashful Zoey Deschanel-esque lashes? Biotin aka vitamin H works to increase blood flow to your hair follicles, which thickens your lashes and prevents them falling out. Be prepared for lashes that are red-carpet-ready.

There’s keratin

Keratin is a protein that’s naturally found in hair and nails, so with this brilliant mascara you’re getting extra keratin (yes, please), which works to strengthen the cells of lashes, making them look fuller.

And a soft fibre brush

Are you ALL about volume and layering but seriously hate panda eyes? Synthetic brushes have bristles that gravitate towards each other, allowing for ultra-precise application. This means you can keep on layering, with minimum clump and gunk. You like? You’ll love this even more – the brush is super-soft, which gives you fluffy-looking lashes.

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