On the prowl for a new summer scent? There’s no need to search. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love has landed, and you’re going to want it right now.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Campgin Image

What is it?

The Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance fam has been around for a decade, so if you’re a perfume person, you’ll know it well. And we’re in no doubt that you’re going to love brand-new Daisy Love, which has been created to capture the carefree spirit of summer. Oh, doesn’t that sound nice?

What does it smell like?

We could give you a load of spiel about sparkling notes but, the truth is, this stuff smells like the kind of fragrance we’d make if we had access to a perfume lab. It’s bright. It’s sweet. It’s seriously easy to wear. Known as a gourmand – a fragrance made primarily of edible-type notes – think caramel, vanilla, honey – it’s gonna be your new go-to, whether it’s a summer wedding or a festival. It has top notes of crystallised cloudberries, heart notes of daisy tree petals and a smoky, musky base that sticks around all day.

What about the bottle?

This is definitely one for the gram. A supersized solitary daisy petal cap is totally eye-catching, while devilish details make this a winner. The glass bottle has petals shaped into it, and the juice itself is a pretty shade of peach.

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