Which party squad are you?

There are two distinct beauty tribes this party season, so which one will you be joining? Here’s how to decide…



*Leather and lace are your fave party-outfit fabrics. *Black is always the new black as far as you’re concerned. *You sometimes prefer your eyeliner the morning after the night before. *Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo are your beauty idols. *You think pale and interesting is way better than fake tan.


SKIN: Make it modern and fresh by keeping your base light with a hint of a glow, like Jennifer Lawrence’s. A subtle application of a berry-toned blusher high on your cheeks will warm up your look just enough.

HAIR: Feeling bold? Try Wednesday Adams-style plaits like Olivia Palermo’s. Soften them around the hairline for a more flattering finish. A low-slung centre-parted ponytail a la Kendall Jenner is an easy nod to the trend. Finish with a shine spray for a mirror-like finish.

NAILS: Black is a bit too witchy for the festive season, so choose a green or a chic navy instead. A word of warning: dark shades need well-cared-for nails, so a DIY mani is a must.

EYES AND LIPS: Choose one feature to accentuate, to avoid a Halloween look. Black lipsticks are straight from the runway but tricky to carry off in real life, so pick a berry or plum colour for a more wearable way to rock it. If your eyes are your thing, use lashings of eyeliner and a volumising mascara – and go for a slightly messy finish.



*Secretly you’ve always wanted to wear a tiara. *You’re never fully dressed without a blow-dry. *You prefer lip gloss to lipstick. *You’d never dream of going to bed without fully cleansing. *Margot Robbie, Alicia Vikander and Gigi Hadid are your go-to girls for make-up inspo.


SKIN: A prom queen is never without a tan, but think hint of a tint rather than two weeks in Barbados. Once you’ve got a base, it’s all about subtle contouring, plenty of highlight and a pretty pop of pink blush.

HAIR: Texture is key but keep your waves loose and unstructured – like Margot Robbie’s – by choosing tongs with a large barrel and working in alternative directions. Create a low-maintenance Alicia Vikander up-do by pulling the front section roughly into a half bun.

NAILS: Christmas parties demand a touch of glitter, and the chicest way to do it is on your nails. Choose a subtle top coat over your favourite existing colour, or ramp it up with glitter tips for a party take on the French mani.

EYES AND LIPS: Defined brows stop this looking too girly, but it’s light definition a la Gigi Hadid, so pick up a pencil close to your natural colour. Blend gold eyeshadow over your lids, building up the layers depending on how disco you want to go, and finish with a pretty pink gloss for guaranteed mistletoe success.