We all sweat. Fact. Especially when it’s this hot outside and we’ve still gotta go about our daily lives, commutes, etc. as usual. And although sometimes a sheen of sweat can make you look like you’ve got a healthy glow… if you’re wearing a full face of foundation, it can be a totally different story. It’s definitely safe to say that a flawless base and scorching heat will just never go hand in hand… soz.

The easiest option? Go fresh faced with just a slick of moisturising SPF for a day in the sun – then you don’t have to worry about any makeup staying put. But if baring all sounds like a nightmare, you’ll want to follow these fail-safe tips for a look that’ll stay fresh whatever the weather…

1. Always prime your face

When it comes to keeping makeup looking slick and sweat-free, using a primer is key. Dabbing an oil-free (this part is a must as oil breaks down makeup) primer along the T-Zone and any other problem areas when it comes to shine will seriously help you – especially as it’ll prevent your whole base from sliding off of your face… which is never a good look!

2. Apply your foundation in criss-cross motions

It’s not only about the foundation you use here (you’ll want a mattifying, long wear formula that’ll help to absorb excess oil), but it’s also about the way you apply it. Applying your foundation in criss-cross motions across your entire face will help to stop it from looking streaky when you sweat during the day. Apply a tiny bit of powder on top of the liquid foundation to set it all in place, and you’re onto a winner.

3. Opt for waxy brows

A half-melted off eyebrow has to be the ultimate summer beauty faux-pas (or at least one of them, anyway). Avoid it at all costs by using a brow pencil that contains wax to keep brows in place all day. Need some extra security? Apply a brow sealer on top once your brows have been pencilled in.

4. Fix your makeup in place when you’re done

A mattifying spray will not only help to keep shine at bay, it’ll also secure makeup in place AND the cooling spritz will help to stop you from getting a sweat on… a total must-have for a long-lasting base. Gently spritz your face from 6 inches away for best results.

5. Use waterproof eye makeup

Using waterproof eye makeup is key if you want to avoid smudging lashes and panda eyes. But another great tip is to dust a powder around your eye area to mattify it, so that product can’t cling to it. Genius.

6. Blot away excess oil

If you’re still finding that the shine just won’t quit, using shine control blotting papers will seriously help throughout the day. Gently tapping them against shiny areas of your face as when it’s needed will help to keep excess oil at bay - keeping your look flawlessly matte for as long as you want it to be.