We all know that Instagram is brimming with weird and wonderful creations – especially in the world of beauty. When it comes to crazy creations with makeup, we’ve got all the goss – flower makeup? Check. Corset braids? OF COURSE!

But when we came across this 31-year-old makeup artist’s Instagram account, it’s safe to say we were lost for words! Mimi Choi (better known on Insta as @mimles) has seriously bossed optical illusions – and all she uses is makeup and prosthetics!

From creepy sliced skin and corset eyes to dazzling molten gold lips, there’s nothing Mimi leaves untouched when she’s creating her ingenious looks.

And it’s not just face painting that this MUA has mastered. She can even make your hand look as if it has holes in it (with spiders spilling out – seriously gross), or as if it’s suffered a wound that’s been stitched up with staples (now we’re cringing!).

We know who we’ll be calling when we’re planning our Halloween looks! And as if they weren’t all enough, we’ll leave you now with one of her creations that looks so real it’ll have you transfixed to your screen.