We’ve all got that mate who can party into the early hours without turning into a greasy mess and looking like half their face has flaked off. They look on point all night and you don’t know how they manage it. Well, with party season fast approaching, we’re looking to get in on the secrets… and fast. That’s why we asked makeup artist Cassie Lomas for her tips on staying flawless throughout the festive season. Forget shiny foreheads and creased eyeshadow – here’s how you can make your makeup last aaall night.

Cassie Lomas posing in front of a mirror

Beat the shine

Can’t seem to combat the shine without a massive side of cake? It’s all in the prep. ‘Always use a matte primer to keep shine to a minimum,’ says Cassie. The B. Priming Soufflé is a great base for any foundation as it stops any movement and gives you a flawlessly matte base to work with. Once you’ve applied your foundation, ‘smooth out the skin to flawless perfection using a concealer in any areas that need a little more attention using the B. Concealer Brush and avoid cakeyness by only applying powder where you need it.’

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Layer up

Layers aren’t just good for beating the cold at this time of year, they’re also Cassie’s top tip for covering imperfections. ‘Use full coverage concealers to cover blemishes,’ she recommends. ‘Apply the product with a brush and set with a light coat of powder. Then, double up with another layer of both concealer and powder again for ultimate hold.’

Combat creasing

 There’s nothing worse than spending an age achieving beautifully blended eyeshadow to just have it crease within an hour of being at a party. ‘Avoid eyeshadow creases by prepping the lids first with a concealer before layering your eyeshadow,’ suggests Cassie. You can also help your hard work to last by applying a pigment on top. ‘This adds an extra layer to help keep everything in place and prevent movement.’ Why not try Cassie’s own collection of pigments? They come in four festive tones that’d perfect any party look.

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Stop smudging

Another eye makeup issue we often face is when we pack on the liner and end up with panda eyes that are waaaaay smokier than intended. To stop the smudge, Cassie says to ‘set it with a powder shadow on top.’ This will keep everything in place and ensure perfect levels of liner smokiness all night long.

Lippy that lasts

With all the sipping and canapé munching, party season is a trying time for lippy longevity. Again, it’s all about the layers and setting down a decent base. ‘Keep your lipstick lasting all night by applying a lip liner to the whole lip first,’ says Cassie. ‘Add a layer of colour and blot, then reapply a second coat of lipstick.’ Gotcha… no more messy cup rims for us!

Set and slay

Are setting sprays worth it? Do they really work? We asked Cassie who reveals that ‘fixing sprays are a great alternative to powder, especially since the glowy makeup look is so on-trend. Use in combination with a long-wear primer so everything stays in place all night.’