Here are five of the most genius storage hacks for keeping your ever-growing make-up collection using letter racks, old candle jars and ice-cube trays…

Make the most of a letter rack

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Never has a letter rack been considered an investment purchase… until this brilliant hack was unleashed to the world, anyway! Storing your make-up palettes in a letter rack keeps them neat and tidy and easy to see. Bonus points if you find something that's totally Pinterest-worthy!

Don’t throw out old candle jars…

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It’s a sad day when you burn the last of your fave candles, right? But you don’t have to throw the jar away. Just give it a good ol’ clean (pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, then wipe away the wax with a paper towel), then use it to store cotton pads, cotton buds or mascara tubes.

…or jam jars

Love a bit of marmalade on toast? When you’ve finished it, wash out the jar and use as a quirky holder for make-up brushes. Cute!

Get imaginative with a bookshelf

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Who said bookshelves had to be used just to organise your books? Nobody. Instead, use one to store all your beauty bits. Beats keeping everything hidden away in drawers, hey?

Become BFFs with an ice-cube tray

Ice cube tray to store lipstick
Ice cube tray to store eyeshadow

Sounds bizarre, but hear us out. Ice-cube trays can be used to store all your lippies (see how Hayley from Tea Party Beauty uses hers), which makes it so easy to see all your colours. Or use an ice-cube tray to store your eyeshadows.

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