Just because your summer hols are over doesn't mean you have to let your tan fade. Here's how to continue the holiday spirit for as long as you possibly can…

Make sure your showers aren’t too hot

Having slightly cooler-than-normal showers and using a shower gel designed to moisturise skin will really help lock-in your holiday glow. Warmer temps can dry out your skin, often leading to it starting to peel which is less than ideal.

Make gradual tan your BFF

OK, so this may be cheating slighly but since the British weather is so unpredictable you probably won’t be able to get in as much sunbathing time as you’d like. Using a gradual tan will help keep your tan topped up for longer.

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Moisturising is key

The best way to really help maintain your tan is by moisturising daily - both morning and night if you can. Using a specific after-sun lotion will not only help prolong your colour but will also keep your skin feeling fresh and keep it smooth.

Wear coral lipstick and neon nail varnish

Coral is the perfect lipstick shade to wear during and after your holiday - the red, orange and pink tones help bring out the colour of your tan (even when it’s starting to fade!) and neon nail polish will do the same job. As if we needed another excuse to rock bright pink talons...

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Switch up your make-up

When you tan, remember to change up the shades of your usual foundation, concealer and powder. Chances are you’ll be slightly darker than normal and you definitely don’t a tell-tale foundation line! If you really want to show off your tan, swap your heavy foundation for something a lot lighter - BB cream or tinted moisturiser - and let your natural glow shine through!