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Here’s how to make your eyes look bigger – Superdrug
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Here’s how to make your eyes look bigger

Acing your eyeshadow game or finally perfecting a feline flick is all well and good – but it’s best to make your base look as flawless as you can before getting happy with the liner brush. Here are our top tips for making your eyes pop before, during and after you delve into your makeup bag…

Ice, ice baby

Summer is fast approaching, and we all know what that means… a few too many late nights and bags under our eyes that are bigger than our holiday suitcases. But, luckily, there’s a way to help banish them within minutes – and you can do it with the same tray of ice cubes that you’ve prepared to chill your poolside cocktails. Wrap some ice in a flannel and place over your eyes. Chill out for five minutes, then remove them for instantly more awake peepers. Dreamy.

Play with colour

Sick of playing it safe with your trusty black kohl? Opting for more daring liner colours will not only switch up your normal makeup, but it’ll help to make you look more awake, too. Applying a bright blue shade to your lash line will help the whites of your eyes to look brighter and more sparkly. Not quite ready for an added dose of colour? Use a white liner or a white shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to open up your eyes. You can thank us later!

Bags begone!

Colour correcting might look a bit daunting with so many shades to choose from, but if you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, something’s gotta give! Make skin more vibrant by dotting a yellow-toned colour corrector onto darker patches, then evening out the skin with an illuminating, creamy concealer.

Mask up

For an instant dose of cool, invest in a rehydrating eye mask, which will brighten and perk up dull and hungover eyes. Apply the mask to your under-eye area, kick back and relax – and watch the magic happen…

Light up

Strobing your face to perfection has never been more of a thing than it is now. Applying highlighter to the area around your eyes will help to give more dimension to your face and more glow to your eyes. Apply a small amount of liquid highlighter to the centre of your eyelids, around the inner corners of your eyes (where your tear ducts are) and under your brows to up your glow game even more.

Which of these tips will you be using to banish those undereye bags? We'd love to hear from you!

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