Earlier this year, banana buns were a MASSIVE hit on Pinterest. What’s not to love about a messy, uber-chic hairstyle that only takes minutes to create!?

And now a new hairstyle named after another one of our fave foods is taking social media by storm, and it’s our new go-to hairstyle.

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ENTER macaron buns, the style which involves wearing two buns at the nape of your neck. Searches for macaron buns have increased 170% on Pinterest, meaning they are now an *official* trend.

Not only do they sound cool AF, but there’s loads of ways you can recreate them. Our personal fave is the plaited macaron buns, and they’re super easy to do!

Split your hair evenly and make two low pig tails that sit behind your ears. Plait each pig tail and secure with a bobble. Then twist each plait around itself to form a bun and secure with bobby pins. Spritz with a strong hold hairspray Et Voila! Super chic plaited macaron buns!