Whether you’re feeling like a lazy bones after lounging around all Christmas, or you need something a little less strenuous to get you through Veganuary, this low-intensity workout is just the thing for you. With moves that work your upper body, abs and legs, this combo is perfect for getting that full body blast without the, well, blast. Do eight reps of each move and 3 sets of the whole shebang and you’ve got your exercise fix sorted. Get acquainted with your new workout and watch the demonstration vid below.


Great for toning your bum and legs, squats are a fab addition to any workout. Keep your weight in your heels and your arms out in front of you for max muscle working.

Standing twists

If the holidays have left you with love handles standing twists are a great exercise. They work your obliques and hips to tone the sides of your body.


Now for your abs. Give them some attention with a set of 8 crunches. Make sure when you’re doing this move that you’re engaging your core and using those muscles to complete the move rather than just lifting your back off the ground.

Easy burpees

Burpees are awful at the best of times, but if you’re feeling burnt out they can be near impossible. Get your heart rate going with this easier variation that takes your through the same moves at a slower pace.

Slow mountain climbers

Slow mountain climbers are a great for toning your core and legs but also work a treat when it comes to building up arm strength.