By now, we are at the point where we feel like the Love Island girls are practically our best pals. When a boy mugs them off in the villa, we shout and swear at the TV. When they have a little cry while listing off reasons why boys are so damn mean we find ourselves screaming “WE FEEL YOU SISTA”.

We’ve even categorized them in terms of which friends you’d go to for what. Need a shoulder to cry on? Cam, we’re comin’ to you gurl. Need someone to have a good old giggle with? Mon’s the hun we’re turning to. Got a date and need your hair and makeup looking on point pronto? Gabs will turn us from Shrek to Shakira in no time.  (God. We’re even using their nicknames as if they’re our childhood best friends. SEND HELP.)

So, when they’re shelling out beauty advice, we’re listening. CLOSELY. We chatted with mega babes Tyla and Camilla all about the beauty secrets they swear by and judging by how gorgeous they look around the clock, we seriously need to start making notes. They also spilled on who they think is the best at doing their makeup in the villa and Cam shocked us when she told us just how long it takes her to get ready for a night out in real life (SPOILER: not long AT.ALL)