Whether they’re lounging around the pool or dressed up to the nines, the Islanders have a habit of ALWAYS looking flawless (kind of annoying when we’re sitting there in our jimjams with toothpaste on our breakouts). But we’re all about the don’t-get-jel-get-even motto, so we asked Rosie and Samira how they stay hot in the heat and still keep their makeup lookin’ a treat…

For that woke-up-like-this glow, Samira give us her golden nuggets of wisdom on how to nail the no-makeup vibe, while Rosie shares her glam go-tos. And if you’re jetting off on hols soon, you’ll wanna know all their beat-the-heat makeup hacks. The girls also spill the tea on what the boys are nabbing from their beauty bags and which one of them they’d trust to do their makeup.

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