Do you know what we could reaaaaaaaaally do with? A nice long holiday. Big villa somewhere, infinity pool with a cushty outdoor lounging area, a plush king-sized bed placed right in the centre for when we’ve eaten a whole share bag of Walker’s Sensations and need to lie and rub our food baby in the sweet Mediterranean breeze. Throw in an ongoing stream of good looking people to please our visual appetite and you’re on to an absolute winner. We think seven weeks would just about do it. But I mean, who on earth gets that sort of luxury.

Oh yeaaaaah. The lucky devils on Love Island, forgot about them for a second (who are we kidding. They’re the main topic of all our office discussions and Whatsapp group chats.)

Now, while we’re insanely jealous for all the above reasons (what we’d do to be splayed out on an OUTDOOR king-sized bed in Mallorca) there’s one that is really sticking out in our minds. THE. SHEER. AMOUNT. OF. TANNING. TIME.

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We’ve already had to endure five weeks watching the islanders become increasingly bronzed God/Goddess like, while we’re over here relying on ‘Fake Tan Thursdays’ to make us look like we’ve just stepped off a private jet.

With this in mind, we thought it was only right to chat to islanders Kem and Gabby all about their tans. And fake tan. The one thing we genuinely don’t think we could live without. Kem spilled the beans on his biggest fake tan disaster and who he thinks has the best tan in the villa (hint. HIMSELF) and Gabby tells us the one tanning product she couldn’t live without (even in the villa) as well as her number one fake tan hack. Oh, and whose hard to reach areas she’d like to get her mitt on…