Every night for the past 4 weeks between the hours of 9-10pm, we have religiously settled down on the sofa with a share bag of Malteasers (which – by the way - we have no intention of sharing) and enviously watched the Love Island girls look consistently on point. Yes, even when they’re chillin’ in the scorching heat they manage to avoid the God forsaken sweaty upper lip that strikes us as we’re merely trying to walk to work.

Not only do all the gals look amazing in the day, we are seriously envious of how they all seem to be so damn good at doing their makeup whilst we’re still over here trying to make our eyebrows look like they’re vaguely related.

Well there’s good news for us mere mortals as Amber and Olivia have shared the beauty tips they swear by in the villa – starting with how an earth their makeup is always flawless.

Olivia says that keeping your makeup on fleek in the heat is all about using a primer and that it is absolutely essential to use a setting spray after you’ve applied your makeup. BRB, just filling our virtual basket full of the stuff..

It also came as no surprise when Amber told us Gabby is the go-to girl when it comes to doing hair in the villa as we’re loving all her choices in hair styles - namely the Baby Spice-esque space buns she rocks so well.

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